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Video Lectures

Over 50 hours of accounting lectures break down the complicated topics into easy-to-follow, understandable examples.

Study Textbook

The study textbook is unlike any accounting text. It’s written in plain English with plenty of examples, so you can understand it the first time you read it. You can also print it!

Business Forms

I include tons of sample business forms that you can use to create your own financial statements, invoices, depreciation schedules, and more. Use these to learn the concepts or as a template for your business.

Study At Your Own Pace

This self-study course allows you to set your own study pace. You can use the suggested study schedule or set your own. Anything goes.

Flash Cards

Flash cards are included on every subject, so you can learn, understand, and remember definitions and concepts easily.

Practice Quizzes

There’s no better way to practice your knowledge of accounting than by testing yourself. Each topic includes practice quizzes with answer explanations.

Excel Worksheets

Excel is such a helpful tool when you have everything set up and a template created. I include tons of excel worksheets that you can use to learn accounting or help run your business.

Totally modern, totally online

The course is 100% online. That means you can login anywhere on your laptop, desktop, tablet, or phone. Study as much as you want anywhere you want.

Who is My Accounting Course Pro For?


If you are lost in your accounting or business course, My Accounting Course Pro is for you. Forget expensive, difficult to read accounting textbooks. If you are an undergraduate and graduate student, you can use this course to fill in the gaps and brush up on concepts before an exam or simply use it to make sense of what your professors are teaching.


High school teachers and college professors can use this course as a set of resources to help educate their students on tough business and accounting topics that aren’t explained very well in traditional textbooks.

Accountants & Bookkeepers

Accountants and bookkeepers can use this course to gain a better understanding of their duties and feel more confident in their jobs. They can also use the materials as a handy reference on a daily basis.

Small Business Owners

Business owners and entrepreneurs can use this course to truly understand how their business or future venture operates from a financial perspective. They will gain valuable insights and knowledge about how to improve their business and its profitability.

Newly Hired Employees

If you are a new accountant and bookkeeper, you might be second guessing your accounting skills or abilities. Use this course to brush up on your knowledge and become a confident contributor to your company.

Employees Returning to the Workforce

Being out of the workforce for a few years can be discouraging and daunting. You don’t have to worry about forgetting how accounting works. Use this course before going back to work to re-learn the accounting fundamentals and be prepared to impress on your first day.

Anyone Who Wants to Learn Accounting

Accountants aren’t the only ones who should understand accounting. Whether you are managing a business or simply want to get promoted, understanding accounting is the best way to take control of your career. My Accounting Course Pro gives you all the tools you need to succeed.

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