My Accounting Course Annual Scholarship

My Accounting Course’s mission is to help people understand the world of business and finance through education. We believe education is key to everyone’s success.

It doesn’t matter what your major is. Your education will be the cornerstone of your career and success in life. That’s why we created this scholarship.

We want to help students, like you, pursue a higher education. Here are the details:

We award a $750 scholarship to one undergraduate student from a qualified institution every year to be used for educational purposes only. Applicants must submit the following essays.



Essay Requirements

One 500 – 1,000-word essay explaining why you feel you should be awarded this scholarship.

One 1,000 – 2,000-word essay answering one of the following questions:

1. Why is personal finance important for the average person?

2. How will business and consumer consumption change in the future?

3. What businessperson has inspired you the most, and why?

Essays must display the applicant’s proficiency in writing and clarity of thought. They will also be judged on the following:

  • Creativity
  • Originality
  • Thoughtfulness
  • Focus on Objectives



Official Rules and Requirements

– One $750 scholarship will be awarded to a qualified applicant each year.

– Applicants are only allowed one submission

– All applicants from non-qualifying institutions will not be accepted

– No part of the essays submitted can be plagiarized

– This application is completely free. No purchase is necessary to apply and no contributions to My Accounting Course will improve your chances of being awarded the scholarship.

– All essays submitted are properly of My Accounting Course once submitted



Applicant Requirements

– Applicants must be currently enrolled in a full-time undergraduate degree program

– Applicants must maintain a 2.5 GPA or higher



Deadlines and Awards

Deadline: Applications must be submitted before March 1, 2018.

Award Date: The award recipient will be chosen on April 1, 2018, and will be contacted directly by My Accounting Course with the good news!



Submission Requirements

– All applications should be emailed to scholarships @ by the due date.

– The subject of the email must include “My Accounting Course Essay Scholarship Submission”

– Each essay should be submitted in a different MS Word document entitled firstname-lastname-1.docx and firstname-lastname-2.docx

– Do NOT submit essays in PDF format.

– Include in the body of the email your:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • College currently attending



Now It’s Your Turn

That’s it. Those are the rules. We hope you take advantage of this great opportunity. We look forward to reading your submissions and helping you start a successful future career.