Financial Statements Word Scrambles




Hover over the scrambled word with your mouse to show the unscrambled answer.

1. First activity listed on the cash flow statement:

oyrnitevn vrrntueo

operating activities

2. Report that lists account balances of only permanent accounts.

Acsh Oviennocsr Yeccl

balance sheet

3. Place where extra financial information is attached to financial statements:

Bointitcnrou Gmianr


4. Last activites list on the cash flow statement.

Syda Elssa ni Viernynto

financing activities

5. Financial statement that lists only temporary accounts:

tasse vetrrnou

income statement

6. Financial statement used to compute the gross profit margin.

Bdet Ercsvei Recgvaeo

income statement

7. The financial statement that is based on the accounting equation:

Eidfx Ehcarg Evreocag

balance sheet

8. Activities that include purchases of long-term assets:

Rnteru no Aciltap Ldpmyeeo

investing activities

9. Unearned revenues are reported on the:

Stemi Nsreitte Erdena

balance sheet

10. Cost of goods sold is reported on the:

Aysd Aless Nautstindog

income statement